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Hi! I'M Mathew Prasad

I'm on a mission of building One Million Digital Life Coach Masterminds around the globe, living Internet LifeStyle of Freedom through My Digital Life Coaching Automation System!

Digital Life Coaching Academy
will help you:

Become a coach

Start your coaching practice!

Create your offerings

Monitize your experience!

Get paying clients

Attract your right clients!

What I do?

I Coach.

I coach people to transform themselves into MasterMinds through Life Coaching and help them to develop their Life Skills, Leadership & Business Skills, by unleashing their unique super potential. I do digital coaching, corporate coaching, group coaching and one-to-one coaching.

I Speak.

I speak through various platforms and conduct educational sessions, seminars and workshops on Life Coaching, Leadership, Business Management and Spiritual insights.

I Write.

I write my views, insights, knowledge, expertise and experiences in various media columns and blog. I write on Life Mastering, Leadership, Business Development and Spiritual Well-being.

About Me!

I’m Mathew Prasad, a passionate LifeCoach Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer and Digital Media Strategist, who is on a mission of building One Million Digital¬† Life Coach Masterminds around the globe, living Internet LifeStyle of Freedom through my Digital Coaching Automation System!

I help people unleash their potential and bring out the diamond inside them. I believe this coaching can mould great masterminds through a simple, successful and proven system of actions.

Digital Life Coaching Academy

Digital Life Coaching Academy is a world class life coaching academy which offers high quality digital life coaching program designed to help you create the step-by-step plan to become a successful life coach and build a strong foundation for a thriving digital life coaching business.

Digital Life Coaching Academy will:

Help build your confidence, comfort, authority and credibility so you can and will start a life coaching business.

Teach you the exact steps to take in sequential order to build a strong business foundation that will continue to grow for decades to come.

Show you how to package all of your life experience and wisdom into valuable products, programs and services.

Activate you to your inner wisdom, greatest gifts and purpose on the planet.